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  1. igalaman
    igalaman March 31, 2014 at 7:49 am |

    ‘Living Funeral’ will not screen in Cannes. True, that it was selected for the short film corner (with well over 1000 films from around the world) but it is not in the official short film category and so it will not screen at the cannes. only films in the official categories- shorts and features and in side events like cinefoundation get screened at the festival and they are on the schedule and tickets are obtained to see them. But not so in the short film corner. What happens to films in the short corner is this: films that are usually less than 30 minutes are selected and uploaded on a computer and people go there to view the uploaded films, one after the other on the computer with the aid of a headset. it is not on any schedule, you just walk into the corner, sit and you just select what you want to see out of the many titles that have been uploaded on the computer. there is a possibility that no one will even see it in the corner if you don’t put in personal effort to get people to go and see it there. thought to clarify this before some bloggers begin to declare that it is the first time a film will screen at the cannes. By the way chika anadu and fidelis duker once had their short films in the short film corner and am sure they can tell the difference between having your film at the short corner and ‘screening in Cannes’.

    1. igalawoman
      igalawoman April 3, 2014 at 6:16 pm |

      Igalaman there are over 6000 films submitted to cannes short film corner, for it to get picked from all of that should mean something.. moving on


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