Hits and Misses of Chris Eneaji’s Void

Void follows the story of Tonna (Frederick Leonard), an emotional young man who loses his first love to the cold hands of death. He however falls in love again with another woman (Lota Chukwu) but his new relationship is threatened by the constant appearance of his former wife (Chioma Chukwuka). Directed by Eneaji Chris Eneng, the movie features Frederick Leonard, Chioma Chukwuka Akpotha, Lots Chukwu and others.


The acting is above-average as Frederick Leonard successfully creates the picture of a man with a huge pain and void in his heart. Chioma Chukwuka plays the role of a dead lover who refuses to let go and Lota Chukwu plays the naive new lover who is ready to make things work.

  • Story
    The story expresses deep psychological and emotional behaviors and the director makes sure to portray deep emotional longing and sensitivity in the movie.


  • The movie is a bit slow and boring, lacking excitement. Some of the scenes also portray excessively repetitive messages . Some of the scenes were redundant and did nothing to move the plot forward.

Reviewed by Ponmile Shittu.

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