Movie of the day : Broken Soul

Broken Soul is our NSS movie of the day.
Written by Judith Ejiofor and produced by Michael Kalu.

Broken soul tells the story of Crystal, a bitter and aggressive young woman who is hostile to all around her especially Frederick her colleague.

Having had a heartbreaking experience in the past, she made up her mind to be hostile to all. This resolve made her abandon her step mother in illness. 
The death of her step mum however caused her step sister to seek revenge.

Crystal is stabbed and left to die. Luckily good Samaritans save her life. Her spirit starts to roam about while in the hospital, during this period, she discovers how wrong she has been.. Only Frederick whom she detests can see and talk with her spirit.. 

Broken Soul stars talented Nollywood actors Bolanle Ninolowo, Mercy Macjoe and Mary Lazarus

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