Trailer: Invasion 1897

Invasion 1897 is an epic directed by Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen and features Segun Arinze, Charles Inojie, Nosa Ehimwen, Paul Obazele, Leo Mezie, Mike Omoriegbe, Idiata Otiagbe and the late Justus Esiri.  Others actors featured include Rudolph Walker, Charles “Chucky” Venn, Annika Álofti, Garett Mort, Hannah Raehse-Felstead, Tim Robinson, Rob Spackman, Patrick Thompson and Keith Davinson.

Synopsis: The 1897 invasion of Benin marked the climax in the inordinate exploitation of African and black peoples by the West. This sinister quest began with slavery and later devolved to the famed scramble for African where the entire continent was divided among European world powers then.

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