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Iregbogbo Village had just lost its king, Adeyele Adediwura. This prompted the appointment of a regent pending when a new king will be enthroned. However, late King Adeyele had no son and his daughters, Adetutu (Kehinde Bankole) and Kanyinsade (Beatrice Funke Ogunmola) were both living in Houston, Texas in the United States. While Adetutu was married with a daughter, Kanyinsade was single. The lot, however, fell on Adetutu to leave her family and travel to Nigeria to be regent of Iregbogbo temporarily. A dutiful daughter, one would say. But if Adetutu had known what will play out afterwards she probably would not have left Houston.

Love Castle is an epic movie set in the present with a bit of reference to the past. The movie is directed by Desmond Elliot and written and produced by Beatrice Funke Ogunmola. Love Castle stars Jide Kosoko, Zack Orji, Kehinde Bankole, Rachel Oniga, Femi Adebayo, Lateef Adedimeji, Jumoke George, Deji Adenuga, Desmond Elliot and Joke Muyiwa.


Casting: Love Castle had a rich lineup of cast members who did as well as they could with the script they were given.

Costume: Cast members were dressed appropriately.


Story: While Love Castle had a plausible enough storyline, many things went wrong with the script. The writer tried to include so many things at the same time but was not able to develop them fully and merge them well, leading to gaping plot holes.

Here are a few questions a viewer might have after watching Love Castle. Why was there a bleeding crown killing everyone without a corresponding supernatural explanation for it? Was Kanyinsade’s rape necessary? How did death by suicide result in a manslaughter indictment for Adetutu’s husband (Desmond Elliot)? Why did the oracle supposedly select a family from where the next king would come from and yet the nominees from the family all died? Why did Kanyinsade’s decision to report Ayo for rape warrant her death? Love Castle left the viewer bored and with so many questions.

Another glaring plot hole was how the writer expected us to believe that Adetutu did not know that her supposedly dead 14-year-old brother was her twin. Even if Chi-Joshua forgot because of his disability, what was Adetutu’s excuse? Otun’s dream that led to reconnecting with Chi-Joshua/King Ifegbade also tended largely towards being incredible. Talking about credibility, did the writer expect us to believe the FG would build an edifice for a celebrated athlete who, though was rejected for his disability, ends up being a king?

Reviewed by Oriyomi Adebare-Anthony

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