You Can Now Stream Emem Isong’s Special Jollof On Netflix


If you missed Emem Isong’s Special Jollof at the cinemas you can now stream it at your convenience on Netflix.

Produced and directed by Emem Isong, Special Jollof is a 2020 romantic comedy-drama that follows the story of Rachel Hudson, a journalist bent on exposing illegal immigrants.

It features Uche Jumbo, Joseph Benjamin, Mary Magdalene, Bukky Wright, Femi Adebayo and more.


Rachel Hudson was living the life! A loving fiancé, a successful and thriving journalism career. Everything seemed perfect until a shocking discovery sends her perfect life shattering before her eyes, giving rise to a grudge against immigrants whom she holds responsible for her woes. Rachel decides to go on a revenge mission by posing as an undercover waitress in a popular Nigerian restaurant with the aim of exposing illegal immigrants and having them deported.

To find out if you want to stream Special Jollof on Netflix, watch the trailer below.

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