Sharon Ojong’s Debut Fashion Film, Children of God Film, Is A Perfect Ode To The Growing Acceptance Of Fashion Inclusion

children of God

There’s a lot that you can communicate through fashion. Many people may agree that fashion is a form of self-expression, while some may say that it’s what brings us together as one. Fashion is indeed regarded as a means to tell your story.

Children of God represents Rekana’s Rainy Resort 2022 fashion collection, and each piece in the collection tells its own story. It tells the story of a distressed afro-modern man running away from his past towards photosynthesis. He finds himself amongst a diverse group of church members where he asks himself what he truly seeks – compassion, community or inclusion?

The way the brand’s Creative Director, Sharon Ojong, represents fashion in Children of God displays a powerful sense of inclusion for people from all walks of life. All 12 pieces of the Rainy Resort collection show that we are like weary people who run to God to seek help and find refuge.

At the beginning of the film, we see a lost man running to find his way. Confused and lost, he seeks refuge in a church where he sees a diverse group of church members like him. At the film’s end, we see the church priest welcome him into their community. It somewhat feels like he’s rebirthed and renewed.

Children of God features a critical message of inclusion, which says, “God is love, and the church is open to all. Come as you are and walk into that room like God sent you there.” In many ways, that tells us how fashion brings us all together. It portrays our yearning to be included and be a part of something.

Packed with the perfect Adire sunshine-yellow sets, delightful tunes from the Akwa-Ibom culture, and exquisite pieces styled by Sharon Ojong, Children of God is a perfect ode to the growing acceptance of fashion inclusion.

The film stars Charles Okah, Bertha Amuga, Shalewa Ashafa, Kemi Smallz, Munachi Abii, and Ijeoma Aniebo. AMVCA-nominated director Uche Odoh directed the short film.

Click here to watch Children of God.

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