Watch The Trailer For RED TV’s New Movie, Mighty


Starring Ada Umeh, Blessing Jessica Obasi, Victor ‘Nkubi’ Nwaogu, Chioma Nkoli, Lumide Femi-Isedowo, Kech Nwikwu and Albert Oluwatoyin, Mighty is an upcoming drama from RED TV.

Mighty follows the tale of Angel, Madam B, Patience and the leader of the clan, Baddie, as they navigate a night out in the bustling city of Lagos. Looking at Nigeria’s pressing topic of kidnap, deceit and quick money fixes, this film addresses how one night’s turn of events can lead to an introspective question “How do we change things?”

Mighty is directed by Tobi Karunwi and executive produced by Bola Atta. It will premiere on YouTube this June.

Watch the trailer below.

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